TikTok Boom

TikTok earned $ 200 to $ 300 million in advertising worldwide last year, and this year it plans to raise up to $500 million in the United States, “The Information” reports. Optimistic forecasts and sales goals are far from being real in growth predictors. However, these numbers indicate tremendous growth for the still-nascent social platform (at least in Europe and North America, as the parent company ByteDance already has a significant presence in Asia). TikTok also follows Silicon Valley’s monetization plan, offering a self-service advertising platform that it launched last year, a new website tracking pixel, and integration with advertising technology providers.


Core value


Amazon’s media business, including Prime Video, Prime Music and Twitch, is worth about $ 500 billion, Needham senior analyst Laura Martin said. It’s hard to put a tag in Amazon’s media assets. First, they are inextricably linked with the retail market, as the entertainment library is the most compelling feature of the Prime loyalty program, CNBC reports. Media advertising and subscription services also have higher returns than e-commerce, which is why investors value this revenue growth. “Media assets tend to trade with higher multiples than retail multiples, so they increase Amazon’s average rating by several times,” Martin writes in his analysis of the company. Almost a third of Martin’s assessment of Amazon’s media empire consists of these “hidden value” generators that contribute to the overall business but are not quantifiable.


Hit where it hurts



Some of the country’s leading civil rights groups, including the Anti-Defamation League and NAACP, are currently pushing brands to suspend their Facebook advertising campaigns due to the company’s inability to contain hostility and misinformation on the platform. According to President and Chief Executive Officer Derrick Johnson, the NAACP has repeatedly spoken to Facebook executives about creating guarantees for news and election interventions. “Now we are approaching the next election cycle in four years. All evidence suggests that the same thing will happen this year, and that should not be acceptable to everyone, ”Johnson told The Wall Street Journal. The group’s ad campaign says, “All companies must be in solidarity with our most deeply rooted American values of freedom, equality and justice, and not be advertised on Facebook in July.”

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