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You will get one of the briskest HTML5 player for your needs. Only prime and highly selected ads will be carried out smoothly on every screen/desktop/field. Our player delivers what you need: fast, quality, and flexibility. A super-brisk video Solution for Publishers presented by adWMG Video Player may cherish your monetization within few steps and minimum efforts. This will be more than just a video player.

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HTML5 Player
Video player bundled with many valuable customization and integration capabilities.
You’ll get the highest possible ad fill and CPMs, supported by all leading ad standards and parameters.
Simple integration
Simple JS Tag in production, within minimum efforts but highest performance.
Keep track of everything from viewer engagement to specific ad performance.
In-Banner Video
A simple, accessible and customizable media player developed with HTML5 Video, supports HLS, DASH, MP4, Vimeo and YouTube.Streamlining and upgrading our video technology has allowed us to offer a variety of extremely helpful options for publishers:
– Wrapper for Youtube player
– Encrypting configuration from http-crawler
– adWMG Player supports integrations with DLE, KVS, WordPress.
Premium monetization from
Video Monetization Opportunities
adWMG Player supports any Video Ad Server/Networks/Exchange Platforms and includes both unique generated demand by WMG International as well as advertising source from giant and leading video monetization Platforms such as Google Ad Manger, FAN, SpotX, FreeWheel, Teads and many others.
Instream Video Experience
Full stack Video Solution with exclusive ad demand sources gives opportunity to your web sources to monetize by further supported technologies. Best-in-class ad integrations, such as:
Google IMA SDK
Premium Demand
Header Bidding
With this system implemented, you will be able to boost ad performance and consequently you can achieve a better ROI.
While choosing the format to get the highest revenue, video will be the best possible solution available. It is the most widespread format with no limits to placements. The format is easily integrated within desktop and mobile and is non-intrusive to the user experience. It ensures high CPM’s and fruitful earnings for you. As a web source or publisher you can enlarge the strength and power of any video performance.
There’s a WMG Player for Every Business
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Monetization Pack
  • NET 45 Payments
  • Exclusive and unique adWMG Demand
  • Access to the Dashboard
  • Personal Manager
  • Technical Support
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Standart Pack
  • Exclusive and unique adWMG Demand
  • Personal Manager
  • NET 30 Payments
  • CDN integration
  • Capability of adding alternative extra demand
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Professional Pack
  • Full Stack SAAS Solution with further 1 year support
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