WBID Solution

Wrapper is a prebid.js based Header Bidding software developed to wrap your adapters to ensure trustworthy and secure auctions as well as real-time bidding, while providing accurate data and numbers in Analytics statistics. Adding and managing demand partners by using our powerful wrapper solution, publishers can handle multiple header tags in one place, controlling monetization performance.

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Integrating WBID involves 5 simple steps described below. The combination of the user-friendly frontend interface and sophisticated back-end computation gives you the power to perform, deliver, and promote efficient and dynamic Header bidding monetization with a single mouse click.

How To Integrate WBID
Integrate your AD server with WBID
Create AD placement
Generate JS tag
Add the domain
Add adapters
1 step
2 step
3 step
4 step
5 step
We Need WBID, Do You?
  • Get a user-friendly interface set
  • Adjust Header Bidding Adapters
  • No need to make changes to the code
  • Generate reports from one place
  • Set bidder commission before the auction
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