We deliver a wide array of advertising demands to a large and diverse audience demographic, and ensure quality advertisement stack to help publishers increase their profits. Simplifying where others complicate, we create ingenious and easy-to-use programmatic products for traffic monetization.
Prebid ID
Mobile Monetization
WMG offers a promising and beneficial opportunity to enrich your mobile service. With our solutions, you may get targeting, bidding, metric analysis tools, and regular ads to increase monetization revenue. Thus, you may also reach a bigger audience that is using all kinds of different apps.
Web browser
Simplifying complicated technologies
Instream Video
In Banner
JS Tag
S2S Integration
IAB Formats
Audio Demand
Bidding IDs
Desktop Monetization

WMG desktop monetization solutions are based on Prebid.js and Java Script technologies. Supporting server-to-server side integration, our solutions aim to increase publishers` revenue through banner and video formats.

Allocating the tag on the website while the page is loading, all supported header bidding demand, trading desks, and ad exchanges participate in the auction and guarantee the maximum revenue.

Why publishers choose WMG International?
Personal manager
Our team is ready to answer all your questions; we are prepared to receive feedback and inquiries 24/7. Depending on the inquiry, you will be forwarded to the appropriate department.
Premium Demand
The digital advertising solutions created by WMG International combine Ad Exchanges, DSP Marketplaces, and direct advertisers. Maximize your revenue through online advertising with WMG.
Real Time Analytics
Our sophisticated Analytic Report feature is capable of gathering, generating, and analyzing large amounts of data in real-time in the span of milliseconds.
Transparent Reporting
Our commitment to transparency allows you to access real-time data 24/7 via the WMG Dashboard Statistics feature. We take pride in delivering instant, organized, and accurate analytics from partners.
Programmatic Solutions
WMG International creates, develops, and provides programmatic solutions to benefit each publisher's and advertiser's personalized monetization goals.
Secured Ecosystem
Protecting your information on our secure servers, WMG allows you to use numerous filters and metrics that allow you to build and customize effective sales strategies.
Payment Methods
A range variety of payment options is in your disposal with WMG International. For your convenience, you may choose any method, any suitable currency and we will transfer to all part of the world your payments. We pride ourselves on making timely payments to our publishers on a regular basis while ensuring smooth and fast processing of the funds.
Wire transfer
NET 15
WMG International ad server is a complete solution for inventory monetization, managing advertising campaigns, and optimizing profit for websites, mobile applications, and CTV consoles.
Header Bidding Solution
Header Bidding is the most common technology used by tier-one publishers worldwide, constituting 86% of the overall digital advertising revenue in the industry.
Revenue uplift
Revenue uplift
App Monetization
Boost your profit with WMG in-app banner and video demand. Easy integration, smooth communication, premium demand. Your revenue uplift with WMG's instruments is waiting for you.
Revenue uplift
Revenue uplift
Media Buying Services
The in-banner video will be the best possible solution when choosing the format to get the highest revenue. It grabs the audience's attention faster and better than any other type of content.
Revenue uplift
Revenue uplift
Prebid Analytics Module
The user-friendly front-end interface and sophisticated back-end computation give you the power to analyze, perform, deliver, and promote efficient and dynamic prebid.js monetization with a single mouse click.
Revenue uplift
Revenue uplift
OpenRTB Integration
Unleash the true revenue potential of your inventory. Get premium openRTB demand from WMG and increase the overall bid rate. Define the terms of your marketplace and earn more.
Revenue uplift
Revenue uplift
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