Samsung Ads launches CTV Video Supply for programmatic advertising

Previously, the only way consumers could access their inventory was through the Samsung Ads platform.


The tests began last year and continued in the first quarter. Although Samsung Ads did not intend to add features for the programmatic industry in the midst of a pandemic, current market conditions are favorable for its implementation.


The supply increases as people stay at home, and streaming is distributed on linear television. Compared to the beginning of this year, Samsung Ads saw a 70% increase in viewing time and 132% per week in the hours after the pandemic. And buyers seek greater short-term flexibility and value in the face of uncertain economic conditions.


Samsung Ads offers buyers two main types of CTV video inventory. The first is Samsung TV Plus, a free service for all Samsung smart TVs, which now supports 120 free channels with ad support (starting with 10 channels at launch), including CBS News, Vevo and This Old House, among others.


Samsung’s content network includes a second type of video inventory. In some native apps in Samsung’s smart television ecosystem.


At the same time, direct transactions will be prioritized and will be served through the Waterfall system.

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