RTB ecosystem

The hardest part in RTB terminology is to learn a large number of three-letter combinations that make up the basic concepts in RTB.

Demand Side Platform (DSP) is an auction for advertisers, a technology company that trades with SSP / Ad Exchanges, etc. The DSP itself usually does not have an interface for buying and managing ads. Such interfaces are on products that are add-ons over DSP, for example, remarketing systems, Trading Desk, etc.

Sell-Side Platform (SSP) – technology companies selling advertising positions (advertising inventory) directly sites.

Ad Exchanges and Ad Networks are advertising exchanges / networks that provide communication between sites and advertisers and allow you to sell ads to thousands of connected sites.

Data Management Platform (DMP or Data Partners) – Providers of user profiles and data management systems to increase targeting accuracy.

Trading Desk is a centralized platform for the purchase of advertising using the RTB ecosystem, which allows you to configure the options for buying an advertisement to manage it automatically. Trading Desk, as a rule, is an add-on over the DSP, through which it gets access to the inventory available in the RTB ecosystem.

DCOP – Dynamic Platforms for Creative Optimization.

Ad Verification & Brand Protection – post-verification of advertising and protecting brands from incorrectly created advertisements.

Analytics – statistics tools that track the behavior of each user on the site

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