Real-Time Bidding – The Role of the Definition

RTB is a technology for advertising goods and services in real time: all actions that precede the receipt of advertising by a user occur during the loading of a web page.


The essence of the process

To say it more simply, this is an exchange platform that provides three-way contact:

        an advertiser that offer payment for an ad display;

        auction site;

        anonymous data of a potential consumer.

The subject of bidding is the right to display advertising to a specific user. At the time of visiting the resource, the user information available to the site becomes an auction lot and is sent to the interested advertiser who has set the highest price. By downloading the page, the owner of the iPhone, for example, receives an advertisement for new covers for him. Advertising is targeted based on anonymous customer data collected by cookies (visit history, location, retargeting).


Individual approach

The difference between annoying advertising and really needed information is obvious: the user is more favorable in accepting offers corresponding to his real needs. On forums, there are often positive reviews about advertising on Habr, users find it useful. This is the usual state of affairs for resources whose visitors are familiar with advertisers. The main feature of RTB is the ability to turn any resource into a thematic one.


High efficiency

The result is an increase in interest in advertising by orders of magnitude compared with the usual scheme. RTB is able to increase clicks through rate up to 15% and higher. The technology allows the advertiser to find the target audience, and the user to get useful information. The security of personal data is guaranteed, RTB focuses on virtual profiles based on cookies, which can be destroyed by a simple cleaning of the browser.

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