Programmatic advertising: how effective is it?

Programmatic auction is an option to buy a huge amount of display advertising that appears only to a certain circle of people. This method, as well as contextual advertising records are placed only on certain websites or other online sites.



Operating principle.


Programmatic advertising has been around for a very long time and its number is growing every day. The increase in the volume of this advertising is due to the fact that it gives much more opportunities, and placement of display advertising is becoming more convenient. Perhaps the main difference between this advertisement and simple advertising is that the customer buys a target audience who is interested in this topic, and not a simple advertising space on the site. Artificial intelligence, using special algorithms, can determine the user’s requests and interests with high accuracy, which will help to show a sentence useful to him.



Advantages of programmatic advertising.


Programmatic advertising makes it possible to work with the user, and it also shows enticing or informational advertising banners. All this allows you to choose the right offers and increase the likelihood of buying any product. In addition, this method is suitable for e-commerce products that are intended for a narrow audience.



Who is this advertisement suitable for?


It will be useful for companies or brands to order programmatic advertising in order to improve their karma, as well as increase the recognition of their product. It is also possible to effectively use this type of advertising when you need to form a demand for any product or announce a promotion. However, if a company has huge demand for a product, then buying it will not be profitable at all. In this case, it would be better to buy contextual advertising, it is much more effective, but it is easier to implement.

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