IAB Tech Lab Launches Delete Data Specification Before CCPA

California is about to start enforcing its comprehensive privacy law in less than a month


IAB Tech Lab has released a new specification to address the underlying problem of data deletion.

CCPA gives Internet users the right to require the publisher or provider to delete the data collected on them. The publisher or supplier has 10 days to respond to the confirmation of receipt of this request, and 45 days to delete data from the moment the request is received.

The specification also allows suppliers who provide any service to a publisher in a standard way to listen to deletion requests coming from that publisher’s web page, Cohn explained.

CCPA defines a service provider as a commercial business that provides a service, such as information processing, for another business and exchanges customer data with that business.


The California Privacy Act which came into force on the 1-st of January but the enforcement enters into force on July 1. The State Attorney General’s Office submitted the final proposed law to the California Administrative Law Office (OAL) on June 1.

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