Header Bidding growth 2020

At this period, currently, advertising revenue using the new header bidding technology has increased by 61%.


This year, more than 64% of the funds intended for advertising with the new technology are aimed for video content. In this regard, it makes sense to determine which cross-platform partner will bring the greatest amount of profit, and cooperation with which, will bring advertising profit to zero income. The use of video as a premium advertising, prompted major publishers to the need to resort the introduction of a new strategy and tactics in order to profit from the video, deviating from the usual displays. Such a strategy includes some key points.


         1. The emerging opportunity for advertising in video format made it possible to find out that the applied technology of header bidding on the client side does not act as the primary integration strategy that brings profit from the video material. It’s easier for publishers to make the most profit from ad content with a higher fill level.


          2. The presence of technical difficulties is easier to solve with the support of cross-platform video partners. According to publishers, of whom 64.2%, the main problem for obtaining video monetization is the lack of affordable technology. To solve this problem, you should resort to a strategy that uses partnerships and advertising tools to help.


          3. Publishers are looking for interesting solutions to attract an audience, which subsequently leads to high profits. Comprehensive partners are needed to help optimize their inventory. In attracting partners who can assist in the monetization of the audience, 59% of publishers need. 55% of publishers need partners who can help to provide solutions and identification capabilities.


          4. Professionals in media and publishing assure that the greatest profit from advertising content can be obtained using header bidding technology (by 61%), by 58% increasing the fill percentage and optimizing demand by 54%. Such indicators brought the technology to the first level for the benefit of a publisher who wants to monetize and manage video inventory in a quality manner.


           5. Experts predict that sales of mobile versions of web applications will increase next year. The developers intend to overcome the problems associated with the implementation of header bidding video technology.


According to forecasts, the expansion of use will increase by 31.5%, and 23.2 will introduce new ones, which will lead to an outstripping mobile desktop application in the next 12 months.

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