Future of the programmatic advertising market

Zenith Media Agency has developed a scenario for the further development of the advertising market. This forecasting in particular covered the algorithmic purchase of advertising (programmatic). This method of purchasing advertising is characterized by buying impressions through auto-sites, and not through the advertiser personally (as an example, advertising on the Google Ads service). The text of the forecast was published on the official Zenith web resource.


According to the forecast of the advertising agency, in 2020, about 69% of all digital media will begin to acquire or sell programmatic, which is four percent higher when compared with the previous year. Also this year, the cost of such advertising reached a record level – over one hundred billion dollars. In accordance with the forecast, the cost of programmatic advertising reached $ 106 billion by the end of the year. And next year, this figure will increase to 147 billion, which will be 72% of the digital market.


Such a high pace is associated with the fact that it is inconvenient for buyers and brands to check each advertising site individually. The agency expressed that buyers and brands should monitor each platform with which they enter into agreements. This will ensure transparency and effectiveness of such advertising.


Among the owners of the largest market in the field of advertising programmatic industry are the United Kingdom and the United States of America. These countries occupy 64% of the entire software market. Next year, these countries will be able to join: France, Denmark, as well as Germany.


 In these countries, according to the forecast, there will be more than 80% of digital media that will choose programmatic advertising.

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