Facebook to cease Audience Network tool support in iOS 14, hurting small publishers’ revenue

Just a week ago, Facebook announced that it is preparing for a huge change in light of Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 release, which is expected to roll out a crucial data privacy update. Starting from iOS 14, the operating system would need users’ permission to collect data and share it with the third-party services. It is expected that in the wake of privacy-related scandals in recent years, many users would choose not to share private data, thus making Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) tool much less effective.

With that in mind, the tech giant decided not to collect IDFA data on iOS 14 devices at all. The Audience Network, an off-site advertising platform would be particularly affected because the platform uses Facebook user data to target ads on other applications. The loss of personalization options. Which IDFA offers, dropped the publisher revenues by a stunning 50%, making Audience Network for iOS devices absolutely pointless

This change will particularly affect small publishers: unlike big players, they usually have a hard time getting users’ information that would suffice for data they used to be getting from IDFA. Additionally, minor publishers usually lack scale: even if there’s a world where users are willing to share their personal data with the website, a small DAU figures would not make ad placements on these platforms effective.

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