APP Monetization Solutions

Boost your profit with one of the largest platform – Facebook Audience Network. Easy integration, smooth communication, up-to-date technologies. Your revenue Upflit with FAN instrument is waiting for you. Facebook Audience Network is a way to expand  your profit by placing ads on third-party mobile applications.

Mobile Traffic Monetization

Fan offers a promising and beneficial opportunity to enrich your mobile service. With Facebook Audience Network, you may get targeting, bidding, and metric analysis tools as well regular ads. Thus you may also take of reaching a bigger audience who are using all kinds of different apps.
All systems are available for movement launch:
- Android


We offer a wide range of industry-leading formats to help you optimize your monetization potential and get high Fill Rate. Subtle design of the ad will find your device very natural and native. Facebook has a certain set of standards, therefore low-quality ads will be totally excluded from your applications.

Ads where you customize how the ad displays in your app or site so that it looks like it is an integral part of the user experience. Native ads tend to perform better than most other ad types, because they are thoughtfully integrated into your app or site.

Standard banner ads for flexible placement option. The most common used format with a high filling rate.

Full-screen immersive ads for natural breaks in the app flow. Used during a natural break in the user flow of your app, interstitial ads allow you to create a seamless user experience.
Full-screen video ad targeting precisely for high quality interactions that is used mostly for game app developers. Take your user through an immersive ad experience with an incentive in exchange for a completed video view within a full-screen experience.


Simple in integrating, productive in implementing, - that is the main motto for Publishers within FAN monetization.
The most efficient and effective ways of monetizing your premium inventory while using AdMob or MoPub SDKs.
Easily integrate your app with AdMob or Mopup.

For App Owners

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