Facebook Audience Network

Boost your profit with one of the largest platform – Facebook Audience Network. Easy integration, smooth communication, up-to-date technologies. Your revenue Upflit with FAN instrument is waiting for you.

Mobile Traffic Monetization

Fan offers a promising and beneficial opportunity to enrich your mobile service. All systems are available for movement launch:
- Android


Ads where you customize how the ad displays in your app or site so that it looks like it is an integral part of the user experience. Native ads tend to perform better than most other ad types, because they are thoughtfully integrated into your app or site.

Smaller ads that appear at the top or bottom of the screen. They perform the least well of all formats, because people are accustomed to ignoring them.
Full-screen ads that appear during transitions between tasks.
Rewarded video ads are a type of video placement for gaming apps that give people playing a game a reward in exchange for watching a video ad.


Simple in integrating, productive in implementing, - that is the main motto for Publishers within FAN monetization.
The most efficient and effective ways of monetizing your premium inventory while using AdMob or MoPub SDKs.
Easily integrate your app with AdMob or Mopup.

For App Owners

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