Increase revenue with Facebook audience network demand simply implementing steps below:

  1. Contact WMG team: (select in-App product).
  2. Submit App to WMG monetization platform with delegated account manager.
  3. Wait for review, up to 3 business days.
  4. Once App is approved, WMG will provide unique System User Access Token and Property_ID. Example:
Property_ID - 1090450441321267_1090452194654425

System User Access Token - EAAPfwkczOzMBAL5ZA81TwAQf3fEZAhHF8sZC8mJkpKXXhV8gwAti6zQUZC7f0O5bL8ZBRO3TcRufD7FTxowQKm91WlfyIRed1gweeJCxeV5o9ZA6u4UWZAdSGpdWh86dVJb00ZBDZCEFU0BjZAzQld3U9uzCC8ZCcuC6CZCxpv8Fxa4KAZC4GalLdfz30

5. Go to Admob → Mediation → AdSource → Add Ad Network Credentials → Facebook Audience network ( and set System User Access Token and Property_id from step 4, placing target eCPM.

6. Install Facebook SDK:

  1. For IOS: – Using Cocoapod. Add the following line to your project’s Podfile: pod ‘FBAudienceNetwork’ and run pod install through Mac Terminal.
  2. For Android: – Add the following compile statement to your app-level build.gradle (not project!), to use the latest Audience Network SDK:
dependencies {
  compile ''

8. Rebuild App.

9. Go to → Log in and start getting payments.