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While choosing the format for the highest revenue from your source, video will be the best possible solution available. It grabs the audience’s attention faster and better than any other type of content. They are designed to be 100% viewable and playing when the unit is onscreen.


Outstream is the one of the most wide-spread formats with no limits to placements. The format is seamlessly integrated within desktop and mobile and is non-intrusive to the user experience. This ensures high CPM’s and higher earnings for you. As the user scrolls through the page and search content until reach the desired point on the page, the area expands, separating the paragraphs and revealing the video advertisement. Oustream video has the ability to provide proper ads that match a web page’s content to a high degree. Once the user moves away, ads stop playing. Outsream scrolled away and never prevent the viewer from accessing any content. Thus the user is in complete control with this ad format in particular.

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