1. The Main Page (Dashboard)

After you successfully logged in you will be presented with the main page (Dashboard) of your WMG Admin Panel:

From left to right you will see the following dropdown menus that will help you to look into simplified recent performance

1.1 Domains – shows sites that you are currently monetizing with us. Set to “All” by default.

1.2 Sort Daily ( shows breakdown by days), Total (shows a total stat for the chosen period without breakdowns)

1.3 Period – lets you select a period of time you are interested in (yesterday, last 3 days, last 7 days, last 60 days, month to yesterday, last month)

After you chose domains, selected how to sort and a period of time you are interested in you need to press Get Data for our panel to fetch and update this information on your screen. You will see:

1.4 Revenue – amount of money that your sites generated for the selected period of time

1.5 Impressions -total amount of impressions for the selected period of time

1.6 eCPM – average cost of a thousand impressions of your inventory

2. The Report Page (Report builder)

And down below will be a table that contains breakdown by days (if it was selected above) or a summary for a selected period of time.

f you want to see a more detailed performance report you are welcome to construct it yourself by going to the Report tab there you will find the following options:


2.1 Type – Analytics (selected by default and unchangeable at the moment)

2.2 Range – Is similar to a Period on a Dashboard page but with an added ability to select a Custom Period, which allows you to choose a specific time frame.

2.3 Interval – Is similar to Sort on a Dashboard page but with an added ability to see breakdown by months as well.

Filters :

2.4 Placements – placements that you monetize with us. The naming convention for placements we adopted includes: inventory type(display or video), size (if present), and/or marker to separate mobile placements from desktop ones e.g. Display_300x250_mobile.

2.5 Inventory types – filter by inventory types (banner, video, modernAdaptive)

2.6 Sizes – filter by inventory sizes.

2.7 Domain – filter by domains you monetize with us.


2.8 Placements – shows a breakdown by placements for selected filters

2.9 Size – shows a breakdown by sizes for selected filters

2.10 Inventory type – shows breakdown by inventory types for selected filters

2.11 Domain – shows breakdown by domains for selected filters


2.12 Show with chart – enabling this option shows visualised data for selected filters and dimensions


2.13 Fill report if empty – fills empty fields with zeroes if there is no data available for a generated report.

2.14 – adds a numeric value for every row in generated report


2.15 Performance metrics – allows to hide metrics you are not interested in appearing in the report. Metrics that you see by default are:

Impressions – how many times our adds rendered in designated slots on the website

Clicks – how many times rendered adds have been clicked on

CTR – percentile relation between number of clicks received and number of impressions

Revenue – net profit for a selected period of time

CPM – cost per thousand impressions for selected placements