Advertising forecast for 2020.

The year 2020 can bring major changes into advertising technology. You can judge this by the latest statements by Google that the company stops using third-party cookies from Chrome for at least the next two years.

Such a decision was not a surprise, as Safari and Firefox have already implemented these changes. Chrome comprises 70% of the total browser use in 41% of devices, and this is becoming a huge problem.


In the upcoming reality, every marketer is required to consider new changes. The elimination of cookies obliges advertisers to search for new solutions based on data provided by third-party companies that will be convenient for the advertiser.

The new reality will immerse small-level players and closed-system players in an equal advertising technology environment. The equality of conditions and capabilities of companies in the field of using user data is a method of maintaining confidentiality.

The new technology will lead to increasing the cooperation between the players in the next 2 years.


Header bidding is an emerging technology.


Over the last few years using the technology have led to the conclusion that Header bidding is beneficial method of integration. In the coming year 2020, the introduction of this technology is planned to be increased. The expansion of the audience is aimed at gaining increased access to a quality resource and increasing the level of transparency in the publisher-buyer category. An additional goal of services is a monetization resources.


The active growth of CTV this year allows us to draw conclusions about the increase in the use of Header bidding technology throughout 2020.

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