Our Team

WMG distributes advertising to 3 billion people every month across the world’s best publishers. We create ingenious and easy-to-use products for traffic monetization. Applying into the industry the latest technologies, we produce a secure area for advertising which is guaranteed to find its user.
Our team ensures constant technological growth of tools for comfortable and simple access to advanced world technologies, leading global online resources and qualitative inventory.

Who We Are

We are WMG International, the company that was founded in 2014 with offices in Kyiv, Ukraine and Los Angeles, CA. We are an ad tech programmatic agency aimed to work with Publishers and Advertisers worldwide monetizing mainly TIER1 and TIER2 countries on CPM basis model.

Working together with team of experts we are creating products that are developed for monetization resources auditorium. WMG is a tech vendor that cares about its brand and partners. Keeping pace with the time and striving for improving, we are monitoring and keep an eye so that our Publishers get their profit on a CPM basis model.

Our Products

We have developed a unique independent software WBID, which is produced as an auction environment which gives a unique opportunity to settle time auction between others Demand Platforms and DSPs. This is aimed for the Publisher to take advantage of receiving the most valuable bid and as a result profitable impression.

Our Mission

Aligning on the up-to-date programmatic technologies, we support a Header Bidding monetization. The main aim is data security and analytics transparency.


WMG International is inviting a Digital Ad Operations Manager to join our professional team.


Ukraine, Kyive

We are looking for Full -Stack Developer to join our development team.

We are looking for one more player to join the team – Business Development Manager.

Our Office

Our office is the second home. We take care and make all efforts for everybody to feel cozy, warm and satisfying while staying indoors. Sophisticated design combined with hospitality will leave a pleasant aftertaste for once and forever.


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