Our Team

WMG distributes advertising to 3 billion impressions every month across the world’s best publishers. We create ingenious and easy-to-use products for traffic monetization. We integrate the latest technologies to create a secure area for advertisements guaranteed to find its users. Our team strives for constant technological growth aimed at ensuring our clients have a comfortable and simple access to advanced world technologies, and leading global online resources.

Who We Are

We are WMG International, a company that was founded in 2014 with offices in Kyiv, Ukraine and Los Angeles, CA. We are an ad tech programmatic agency aimed on working with Publishers and Advertisers worldwide, monetizing mainly TIER1 and TIER2 countries on a CPM basis model.

Working together with a team of experts we are creating products that are developed for monetization resources audience. WMG is a tech vendor that cares about its brand and partners. Keeping pace with the times and striving for improvement, we ensure that our publishers get their profit on a CPM basis model.

What we do

We developed our unique software, WBID, to create a real-time auction environment that provides unique opportunities for Demand Platforms and DSPs. WBID allows publishers to receive the most valuable bids, resulting in increasing the likelihood of profitable impressions.
By carefully listening to our clients’ concerns, and independently analyzing market trends, WMG is constantly
developing and modifying products that best fit our clients’ needs.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on providing premium advertising solutions through up-to-date programmatic technologies by understanding our client’s needs, ensuring data security, providing absolute transparency, and simplifying your access to important data.


IT Recruiter

Ukraine, Kyiv

We invite a talented IT recruiter to join our team.

Marketing Manager

Ukraine, Kyiv

We are looking for Social Media Marketing Manager, we expect you to be up-to-date with the latest digital technologies and social media trends.

Full Stack Developer

Ukraine, Kyiv

We are looking for Full Stack developer to join our development team.

IT Project Manager

Ukraine, Kyiv

We are looking for an IT Project Manager to join our team.

Golang Developer

Ukraine, Kyiv

Now we are looking for a Golang Developer to become a member of a development team in Kyiv.

IT Sales

Ukraine, Kyiv

We are searching for IT Sales Manager.

We are looking for one more player to join the team – Business Development Manager.

Our Office

Our office is our second home. We use empathy, listening, and understanding to create a warm and welcoming environment for our employees and clients alike. Sophisticated design combined with outstanding hospitality only comes secondary, if at all, to our products.


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