52% of advertisers are planning to increase spending this summer

For the report, 151 advertisers were surveyed, with 36% of responses from marketers and 64% of agency leaders.

A return to costs is a positive news for media companies that rely on advertising sales, but the results also indicate how the recession caused by the health crisis can have a longer lasting effect because the media planning window is halved. Up to 90 days or less.

Economic indicators stay a key focus for advertisers: 69% of surveyed say they use these indicators to determine when they will run an advertising campaign, compared to 53% in a previous survey. In addition, 43% will resume advertising after stabilizing revenue over one quarter, compared with 27%.

As a result, the holiday season campaign, which is likely to start in the third quarter, is still in suspension, as advertisers are waiting for schools to reopen and how the economy will react.

Advertisers also continue to struggle with defining for the right of communication strategy during a health crisis.


Overall, 52% of ad campaigns are planning to spend more this summer – 18% in July, 15% in August and 19% in September. Only 5% of advertisers said they would not increase advertising costs until the 1st quarter of 2021.

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