Are you ready to Supply Chain Object?

(Created by WMG International) This is not a secret that most of advertising demand comes from Google and more than a half of the traffic is monetized by Ad Manager, AdMob or AdSense. Most of the advertising companies may face with the decrease in selling their inventory recently and this might be caused with the incompletion of SCO which is highly recommended (read required) by Google.

What is this?

However, what is this? Let us try to discover more about this phenomenon and let us try to give a light on this subject matter. What is Supply Chain Object and what for this tool should be added to the settings?

Actually, the answer is pretty simple and hence very reasonable. With the developing and spreading of programmatic buying which is supposed to be the most efficient way of monetization, the fraudulent traffic is also extending. And for the sake of more transparency and clearness from “dirty”/ “inappropriate “ inventory, the supply chain object was developed and implemented.

This tool helps advertisers and intermediaries to be aware and see who are selling traffic and whom belongs inventory for monetization.

Alongside with SCO, also ads.txt, app-aps.txt and sellers.json work in a tight connection in order to provide the transparent monetization ecosystem. The scheme will give you imaginary picture:

How does it work?

The supply chain object is a cobweb of chains, which is the part of openRTB bid requests that consist of nodes. In addition, this each node corresponds and represents a certain company taking part in bid request and belonging of inventory for further payment.

Thus, this chain will directly guide and will show who is selling the inventory and whom this traffic belongs to.

As a result, knowing exactly who is selling requests will help DSP platforms to monetize qualitative inventory and eliminate those fraudulent traffic that still exists.

What shall we expect?

It started to be crucial now as it will have impact soon on DV360 which possesses 80% of all monetization demand in the digital sphere. And by the end of Q4 this will come into force and it will be converted not for the advice but for the demand that will crucially depend on your profit.

If your site is still does not support SCO, you have to hurry up and be ready to engage all necessary settings for the sake of proper qualitative monetization of your web sources.

Be ready for innovations in digital ecosystem.

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